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BIHMT Balasore seeks to meet the needs of students and employers by offering relevant, quality career education programmes in related field of Hotel / HOTEL (HOSPITALITY) Management so that a student can significantly contribute to the society in general and HOTEL (HOSPITALITY) industry in particulars.

OUR Objectives

The aims and the objects of this Institute is to assist for the development of the country in the following ways.
To impart instructions and training in modern and scientific techniques of management of Hospitalitys and hostels.
To undertake and associate itself with nutritional expensing and development work.
To propose economy in the handling and utilization of food stuffs.
To assist in and associate itself with the efforts of the Central and State Government to popularize wholesome non-cereal foods particularly protective food, with a view to the diversification of the regional Indian diet and the enrichment of its nutritional content.
To assist in and associate itself with the food research Institutes, food scientists and technologists, their nutritional ideas through the development of suitable recipes and planning of menus.
To ensure minimum wastage of valuable food stuff through scientific and proper handling at the appropriate time in accordance with the latest techniques.


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